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A Doctor Who fanfic, 10/Rose. AU. NC-17 (for whole series.)

Third in the dystopian!verse series.

Some Radical Notion
Her tiny apartment is two sizes too big, and he breaks her in little ways. They are both familiar strangers.


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A Doctor Who fanfic, 10/Rose. NC-17 (for whole series).

Second in the dystopian!verse series.

She discovers herself in small degrees, and sometimes in large ones that frighten her. He - he just watches, and hopes. They are both runners doing what they do best.


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A Doctor Who fanfic, 10/Rose. Entirely AU. NC-17 (for whole series).

Send My Love to Charon and the Styx

Their world is dust and fire, and the ground beneath them crumbles. Sometimes, you need to look back to move forward.

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Alexandra. (Allie, for short.)
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